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Divtec Magnetic Magazine Pouch with Cap - Select Color

Divtec Magnetic Magazine Pouch with Cap - Select Color

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Made for competition shooting sports like USPSA and IPSC. Approved for all divisions in USPSA, this magnetic magazine pouch will be a great addition to your rig. Be the fastest at the tabletop start by simply slapping your magazine to the magnet and go! These are very strong 187lb magnets with plenty of space for you to throw your magazine onto it quickly and easily without taking up much space on your belt and provides a smooth draw when you slide your magazine off when reloading. The magnet is great for low capacity magazines to 170mm magazines.

No need to waste any more time with trying to place your magazine into standard pouches. Excellent for unloaded or tabletop starts and can be a great tool while making ready or keeping organized while unloading and showing clear.

Mounts to 1.5 inch competition belts.

The mounts are a made with strong 3d printed materials that are available in many colors and can withstand repeated use. The pouch comes with a protective cap that magnetically attaches itself to the magnet to protect the user from getting stuck to things unintended such as cars, steel plates, safes, smaller loose items, etc. All magnetic magazine pouches will come with the Divtec Cap and extra backplates.

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GLOCK MAGAZINES* With the polymer exterior to standard Glock magazines, our testers have found that the 187 lb. magnet to be the best to use.

LYNX BELT SYSTEM* Different back plates are utilized for this belt system. These are now coming with each order.

Please be cautious when using strong magnets. Keep away from pacemakers and other electronic devices. DIVTEC is not liable for any injury or damage that occurs.

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