Q: Can I mix and match colors?

A: Absolutely, feel free to message with any color swapping requests!


Q: What does Backorder Item mean?

A: This means that the item is currently out of stock but still an eligible item for you to purchase. Once the inventory is replenished, backorder items will be immediately shipped in the order they are received.

             *Current Backorder status expected to be complete by 5/22/23. Subject to change*


Q: How well will this hold a loaded 140mm or 170mm pistol magazine?

A: Very well. You will be able to run towards your next position with confidence.


Q: Will my magazine spin or rotate on this magnet?

A: In most cases, no. Just like all new equipment, there will be some testing on your part to ensure best effectiveness. For example, if you attach a loaded 170mm magazine to the magnet at top end of the magazine, the weight of the magazine may cause a slight rotation. We suggest attaching the 170mm magazine generally towards the center.  For magazines that are 140mm weight or lighter, it generally doesn't matter where you attach the magazine as long it lays across the magnet.


Q: Do I need to have the safety cap on it all of the time?

A: No, it is up to you when you keep it on or off. The cap is to protect anything from getting stuck to it that shouldn't be.   I normally keep the cap on if I don't intend to use it on a stage. I have tripped and belly flopped to the ground during a stage. Fortunately, I had the cap on and it protected the magnet.


Q: I have Glock magazines. Will these work well?

A: The plastic reduces the friction force that would keep steel magazines in place. The 187 lb. magnet will hold well per our testers.

           Q: But I'm shooting production division with 10 round mags...

           A: You'll have nothing to worry about.


Q: Will this work for "---this----" division is USPSA or IPSC?

A: Magnets are approved for all divisions in USPSA. Please refer to your rule book to ensure legality in the division in the sport discipline you are participating.


Q: Will this work for my large PCC Magazine?

A: It depends on the magazine. Some shooters have reported that they do use it for their magazine. It really depends on the make, model, and weight of the loaded magazine.


Q: Will this work for 3-Gun?

A: Please refer to your rule book to see which division this magnet will be allowed.


Q: Can this work with my AR-15 Magazine?

A: Depends. Polymer and aluminum magazines will not work. Some AR-style mags that are metal may be made of metals that attract magnets. You can test your magazine with a basic refrigerator magnet.


Q: Will this hold my pistol?

A: It probably will. We DO NOT recommend this.


Q: Can I get stuck to my car?

A: With out the cap, yes. You will have some new scratches in your paint.


Q: Will I look cool with this on my race belt?

A: Absolutely! We offer different colors that you can match with your other gear. It should increase your level of coolness at least a couple levels. Results will vary.