Magnetic Mag Pouch Installation

Please see linked videos for installation instructions and demonstration:

How to install DIVTEC Magnetic Mag Pouch

How to install DIVTEC Magnetic Mag Pouch on a  LYNX Belt

Installation: Honestly, it’s pretty straight forward, but there are a few things to remember--

READ THIS** - Do NOT overtighten the screws when installing the back plate. You only need to tighten the back plate enough to where the mount does not move side to side freely. Overtightening screws may damage the mount or backplate.  You may add thread locker but is not necessary.

The smooth side of the back plate faces the shooter.  If the mount slides side to side freely when screws are all the way down, flip the back plate over for added tension.

Using the cap – Best practice is to keep the cap on unless you intend to use the magnet.  The cap also acts as a protective cover in the event the shooter falls on top of the magnet.

Please be cautious when using strong magnets. Keep away from pacemakers and other electronic devices. DIVTEC is not liable for any injury or damage that occurs.